Erectile dysfunction (ED) occurs when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection before or during physical intimacy and sexual stimulation. Approximately 50% of men in the United States will experience erectile dysfunction at some point in their lives. This can occur for several reasons, including age, life choices, low testosterone, weight, medication, or illness (i.e. Diabetes) and ED can be diagnosed and treated by visiting an ED clinic Las Vegas, such as Men’s Focus of Las Vegas.

Erectile Dysfunction Pills

The most common form of treatment for ED are pills, which include Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil, and Vardenafil. These medications work by increasing natural blood flow to the penis by relaxing muscles and inhibiting an enzyme which can decrease or limit blood flow. By blocking this enzyme, medications such as these can promote blood flow and eliminate symptoms of ED until the drug is evacuated from the system.

Erectile Dysfunction Injections

While not the first line of defense against erectile dysfunction, your physician may recommend injections if your body isn’t responding well to pills, or you are unable to take these types of medications for one reason or another. The ED injection treatment is called Trimix, and is comprised of thee types of prescription drugs, which are added in a completely custom manner, based on the patient’s needs. Due to the rate of differentiation among patients requiring this treatment, Trimix is almost always offered as a compound pharmaceutical only. This means that it may not be available in a generic formula from a chain pharmacy. Compound pharmacies create their own medication mixtures based on customer requirements and medical history. This cuts back on the addition of unnecessary chemical additives and the overuse of certain medications which may be required in lower doses than others.

In Trimix, the formula is made up of alprostadil, phentolamine, and alprostadil, and the injection enters the penis through the sides rather than the base. The medication can last frozen for six months in storage, or one month when refrigerated. Due to these extreme specifications, most compound pharmacists choose to make the drug fresh, rather than storing it for later use. Trimix injections have been described as painful by some users.

Erectile Dysfunction Implants

The last resort offered by doctors for Ed treatment Last Vegas is penile implantation. These implants are considered penile prosthetics, and they usually work by inflation to create the appearance of a natural erection. There is also a malleable type of prosthetic, which works by inserting metal rods into the penis. This is less concealable, and the firmness of the penis is permanent, merely being moved or directed into position for sexual intercourse, rather than inflating and deflating when needed. Your physician isn’t likely to recommend implantation unless all other options are useless for your case. Implants are quite invasive, and can be painful or uncomfortable during the healing period. These are normally considered in extreme cases, or by request if a patient has done all their research and prefers this method of treatment.

Men’s Focus of Las Vegas specializes in low cost ED Treatment in Las Vegas, and prides ourselves on providing patients with safe, discreet, cost effective treatment for erectile dysfunction, low testosterone, and anti-aging.

The Downside to Pharmaceutical Branded Products

Like most medical treatments, you have a choice when it comes to your medication. Many individuals choose to purchase pharmaceutical branded products, such as Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis. While the brand might paint a picture of a well-known medicine, it isn’t always what’s best for your condition. Not only are these medications extremely expensive, sometimes costing upwards of $60 per pill, or more, but they are also designed to give the same dosage and ingredients to each patient. There are other low cost ED Medications in Las Vegas which can be found through clinics like Men’s Focus.

Not all patients or cases of ED are the same, which is why they shouldn’t be treated with exactly the same dose and ingredients. When you buy chain pharmacy products you limit yourself to the way that these branded medicines are created, rather than allowing yourself a customized treatment suited to your body and medical history.

Because these branded pharmaceuticals are all made with the similar active ingredients, you get more medicine than your body needs, or in some cases, not enough. You could also receive ingredients which aren’t needed to make the medicine work. The less additional chemicals you add to your system the better, which is why many clinics specializing in erectile dysfunction Las Vegas choose to use compound pharmaceuticals.

Who is Men’s Focus of Las Vegas and What We Do For ED

Choosing affordable ED treatment takes research, and it’s important to know what services each clinic offers and the benefits of those services. At Men’s Focus of Las Vegas, we pride ourselves on being a one stop location for Male Performance or men’s sexual health. There’s no running back and forth between doctors for referrals to various specialists. For anti-aging treatments, erectile dysfunction help, or a diagnosis for low testosterone, we can help.One of the areas you benefit by using Men’s Focus is in terms of finances. Unlike other low cost ED clinics in Las Vegas, we have formed an alliance with compounding pharmacies that specialize in compounded ED medications that provide our patients with exactly the right dosage and ingredients for their ED issues as well as medical history. Not only are these medications tailored to you, but they can also save you somewhere between 60 to 80% on costs. We also bring down prices on doctor visits, saving approximately 50% compared to competing clinics medical fees (Click Here for Specials and Fees). With Men’s Focus, there are no hidden fees, we are completely transparent about what our clients receive and how much it will cost to receive treatment. Our staff is friendly, courteous, and discreet, with experience in each field we treat. You are included in your diagnosis and treatment 100% of the way, with professionals explaining away your questions, and putting you at ease about the treatment you’ll receive.

Erectile dysfunction might be thought of in a negative light, but this common sexual disorder is nothing to be ashamed of or scared of treating. Not all cases of ED are long term or chronic, and some require only a bit of help to renew self esteem and feel confident in your libido once more.

If you suffer from any of the signs or symptoms of erectile dysfunction and are curious about the possible treatments available to you, get in touch with an ED clinic like Men’s Focus in Las Vegas. Take back control of your sex life and be confident in yourself and your performance once more.

More than 50% of men in the United States will experience erectile dysfunction at some point throughout their lives. With such high numbers, it’s surprising to see how taboo the subject still seems to be. Unfortunately, many men who experience this common disorder don’t tell their doctors there’s a problem out of embarrassment. At ED Clinic Las Vegas, we offer safe, affordable, and discreet treatment for men experiencing symptoms of sexual dysfunctions.

Why Choose ED Treatment Las Vegas?

Being tested for any condition is trying and requires an investment of time and money. At ED Clinic Las Vegas, we understand how valuable your time is and we pride ourselves on providing affordable services to those seeking treatment in Nevada. Our clinics are fully equipped to handle all aspects of your testing, diagnosis and treatment without the need to drive place to place or overspend.

We offer low cost lab work, low cost medication, and on-site U.S. doctors to safely and discreetly diagnose your sexual disorder and offer a solution. You can take control of your life again and enjoy intimacy with your partner without judgement and without worry that you’ll be unable to perform.

ED Treatment Options

Erectile dysfunction is most commonly treated with medication in the form of Sildenafil, Vardenafil, Avanafil, or Tadalafil. Your doctor prescribes these medications following a physical exam, sometimes in combination with a psychological evaluation, urine test, ultrasound, or blood test. Most medications taken for ED work by stimulating nitric oxide in the body. The nitric oxide causes the muscles in the penis to relax, allowing for better blood flow and thereby encouraging natural stimulation to take its course in the form of an erection.

Dosages vary from patient to patient and will be based on your medical history, age, and weight. While the most common age for ED is in men 40 and over, ED is not an age-related disorder and can affect men of any age. Alternative treatments include injections, suppositories, psychological therapy, testosterone replacement therapy, and in very extreme circumstances, implantation.

Save Time, Money & Face

If you’re experiencing symptoms of erectile dysfunction, visit us at ED Clinic Las Vegas for a full evaluation by our discreet medical team. Don’t run the risk of running into a neighbor in a clinic waiting room. Save yourself from an awkward conversation by visiting a team dedicated to sexual disorders in men. Due to our one stop medical system, you can also save time and money through our discounted services and medication options. Call today for more information.