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Frequently Asked Questions

What Can ED Clinic Las Vegas Do For My Erectile Dysfunction?
ED Clinic Las Vegas is your one stop male performance clinic that treats erectile dysfunction, testosterone replacement therapy, and healthy aging. ED Clinic Las Vegas is a Physician Only it does not utilize Nurse Practitioners, or Physician’s Assistants
How Does ED Clinic Las Vegas Differ From Other Male Performance Clinics?
ED clinic of Las Vegas is a low cost male performance clinic where the Doctor’s Visit and medications or kept at a very reasonable fees through the alliances that we developed with manufacturers.
Why is Viagra and Cialis so expensive ($60/pill) through the chain pharmacies like Walgreens, Walmart, Smith’s and CVS?
There really is no “Rhyme or Reason” for the price increase over the past 20 years. When Viagra and Cialis came out on the market in 1998 the brand name medication was about $8pill. Fast forward to 2023 the price per pill is $60. That’s right $60 a pill, however, without their exclusive patent the price per pill at chain pharmacies is $4pill and at ED Clinic LasVegas Pharmacy is $1pill and these generic products are just as good if not better.
I saw ED Meds like Viagra on Sale Online. Is it worth buying online?
Unfortunately, despite the laws and regulations for the sale of pharmaceuticals, there will always be a call ”Black Market” for obtaining medications. All “Legitimate” pharmaceutical ED medications still require a doctors prescription so when you see a website on the internet that claims you can get Viagra or any pharmaceutical drug for that matter without a prescription, then you can be sure, it is a “Scam” and they are selling you “Fake” medication or if the meds are real they are operating illegally or even operating outside of the U.S. Consult a Real Doctor, Get a Proper Physical & A Personalized Treatment Plan So If There Is Any Adverse Reaction Someone in Real Life Can Help You
What is the active ingredient in Viagra and Cialis?
The active ingredient in Viagra, a Sildenafil citrate, and was originally formulated and marketed as a Pulmonary Hypertension Medication, after a number of years it was soon discovered as a very effective “off-label” medication for erectile dysfunction and was rebranded in 1988 by Pfizer Pharmaceuticals as Viagra. Each Viagra tablet is formulated in 25, 50 and 100 mg tablets. The active ingredient in Cialis is Tadalafil. Each it Cialis tablet is formulated in 5, 10 and 20 mg tablets
Does ED Clinic Las Vegas have an age limit for treating ED?
Yes, we generally do not treat men under 25 years of age for ED, it is best consult with a specialist (i.e. Urologist, or Endocrinologist) if you’re under 25 years of age and suffering with ED
How much can I expect to spend ED Clinic Las Vegas for treatment of Erectile Dysfunction?
The initial doctor’s visit is $150 and you can expect to pay as little as a dollar per pill depending on the dose and the ED medication that you are prescribed. ED clinic Las Vegas will between 60 to 85% compared to most offices. They can be thousands of dollars saved.
How often do I have to see the doctor at ED Clinic Las Vegas for my ED medication?
We provide enough medication at each Doctor’s Visit for 30 to 60 days. However if you get a yearly physical and bloodwork, you may request upto 6 months of ED medication including refills.
Does ED clinic Las Vegas offer any other male performance services?
Absolutely yes! We offer Testosterone Replacement Therapy also known as TRT, Anti-Aging, Depression Therapies and Weightloss. We are here to help the whole you.


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