Affordable ED Treatment Las Vegas

Suffering from any sexual disorder, especially one which includes your ability to be intimate with a partner, is embarrassing for most men. The stigma on ED can be crippling – even coming to a point where those experiencing it avoid sex rather than face the issue. 

At ED Clinic Las Vegas, we strive to help men like you reclaim their lives through ED treatment. If you have questions about ED, you might be able to find the answer here. These are the top 15 questions we receive at our clinic. We’re here to help.

1. What is ED?

ED, or erectile dysfunction, is denoted by the inability to achieve or maintain an erection during stimulation or sexual intercourse. Erectile dysfunction is sometimes associated with hormone disorders like low testosterone.

While there is no cure for ED, there are treatments available, and many men experiencing ED go on to lead normal and healthy sex lives.

2. Who Can I Talk to About ED?

The best person to talk to about ED is your family doctor. However, it may also be helpful to discuss your erection problem with your spouse or partner. This takes courage, but once your partner is aware of the problem, it takes some of the tension off you when trying to be intimate. It may also offer relief if a partner is feeling unattractive because of your inability to maintain your erection during intercourse.

Some men with ED also speak to a therapist. This is because ED isn’t only caused by physical problems. It can also stem from emotional and psychological issues. Speaking with a therapist or counselor will help you get to the root of any emotional issues causing you duress.

3.   Do I Need to Tell my Partner About ED?

You don’t need to tell anyone but your doctor about ED. However, as we mentioned above, it can greatly help your relationship to be honest about this disorder. Most partners are supportive, in our experience, when they find out.

Letting your partner in on your condition warrants an extra level of support. ED is a normal part of aging for many men and is in no way a reflection of your masculinity or virility.

4.  What Kind of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment is in Las Vegas?

Here at ED Clinic Las Vegas we treat men for erectile dysfunction and similar sexual disorders. We offer discreet and judgement free services to reinstate your control over your sex life.

The most common treatment for ED is oral medication in the form of Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Vardenafil, and the like.

5.  What is Causing my ED?

ED can be caused by many things, including illness, life choices, eating habits, weight, age, genetics, and current medication. The Mayo Clinic writes, “Sometimes a combination of physical and psychological issues causes erectile dysfunction. For instance, a minor physical condition that slows your sexual response might cause anxiety about maintaining an erection. The resulting anxiety can lead to or worsen erectile dysfunction.”

ED can also be caused by physical trauma to the penis or testes. In cases where physical trauma is at the root of the cause, more extreme measures than oral medication may be prescribed for treatment.

6.  Is ED Linked to Any Other Diseases or Illnesses?

ED is linked to a variety of illnesses, many of which affect the blood stream. Diabetes, cancer, and heart disease are commonly associated with ED. The Urology Care Foundation says, “ED may be a major warning sign of cardiovascular disease indicating blockages are building in a man’s vascular system. Some studies have shown men with ED are at significant risk of getting a heart attack, stroke or circulatory problems in the legs.”

Medication you take for other conditions could also impact your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

7.  What are Some Natural Solutions for ED?

While there is still more research to be done to find an active natural solution to ED, many men swear by L-arginine supplements, acupuncture, and Ginkgo Biloba.

Speak to your doctor before pursuing natural relief as it could interact poorly with other prescribed medications, including ED medications.

8.  Do All Men Suffer from ED Eventually?

Not necessarily. It’s extremely common for men to experience erectile difficulty occasionally, especially with age, but not all men experience chronic ED. If you are exhibiting symptoms of ED, speak to your doctor sooner rather than later. The earlier you begin treatment, the less time you spend worrying about ED.

9.  Last Night I Couldn’t Maintain an Erection – Do I Have ED?

Maybe, but not always. As we said above, occasional erectile difficulties aren’t an indicator that you have full-on ED. However, if you find the number of instances you can’t achieve an erection growing, it might be time to see your doctor.

10. How Many Men in the U.S. Suffer From ED?

Roughly 30-million men in the United States are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. This is a massive number, and one that goes to show how common this disorder truly is.

11.  Can I Get ED Help Online?

Absolutely, there are many online doctors and prescription services which provide support for erectile dysfunction. If you want to avoid crowded wait rooms and awkward talks at reception, an online doctor could be right for you.

12.  How Long do ED Treatments Take to Work?

Depending on the treatment, your ED pill could take anywhere from 30-minutes to 2-hours. Generally, it lasts 4-hours after you’ve taken the medication. This provides a big window for intimacy with no need to take more medicine.

13.  How Does a Doctor Diagnose ED?

Your doctor will diagnose ED through a series of physical and emotional tests. According to experts at Harvard Medical, “Your doctor will examine you to look for evidence of medical problems. This will include an examination of your penis and testes. Your blood may be tested for blood sugar, cholesterol and levels of certain hormones.”

14. What are the Side Effects of ED Medication?

Some side effects of ED medication include high blood pressure, headache, fever, nausea, cramping, and nasal congestion.

15. Are There Erectile Dysfunction Clinics in Las Vegas?

There are many Men’s Clinics in Las Vegas, but none as experienced as ED Clinic Las Vegas. For more information on treating erectile dysfunction in Las Vegas, we invite you to contact us online or over the phone. Our professional staff are well-versed in a variety of sexual disorders and can help you find the best treatment for your symptoms.

Take control of your life back with ED Treatment in Las Vegas. If you have more questions following this FAQ blog, please reach out to us or your physician for more information.