Troches first become popular in the 1800’s and offered the same benefit of a pill or tablet, but without first being processed in the digestive tract. Also known as lozenges, troches take approximately 30-minutes to dissolve and begin absorption through the body. Troches are popular for use with children and geriatric patients. According to

Compounded Troche ED Medication

The International Research Journal of Pharmacy, “The name troche can be applied to compressed lozenges, but the term lozenge and troches are used interchangeably. Lozenges are intended to be held in the mouth or pharynx containing one or more medicaments either dissolved or dispersed in a sweetened base.”

The tissue in your mouth is thinner than other regions of the body and offers access to a multitude of veins and vessels. This means that as the troche dissolves it passes more easily into the blood stream than the medication in a tablet might. One of the most common types of troche found on the market is meant to treat men with low testosterone levels. This form of hormone replacement therapy supplies a hormone enhancing agent to replenish or enhance natural testosterone production. Another common ailment for which a troche is used as treatment is thrust. Clotrimazole is often used in these lozenges.

There are several medical advantages to using troches over other types of medication, especially when treating certain illnesses. Take a closer look at some of the ways troches are a benefit to the medical community.

Gradual Dosing of Medication

One of the ways troches surpass other forms of medicine delivery is in the gradual absorption of the drugs within. Due to the half-hour dissolve time for the average lozenge, a troche won’t hit the system all at once with the same impact that a quick releasing tablet might. Pharmaceutica North America explains; “Another drawback to traditional oral dosage is that the hormones for the day’s dosage all flood the liver at once, overburdening it, especially if the patient takes other medications. This kind of overburdening can result in gallbladder disease, liver injury, and even liver toxicity.”

The slow release of a troche is what makes them so beneficial for those with weakened immune systems, such as young children, elderly patients, or pregnant women. When oral medication is absorbed too quickly, it may cause a spike in the chemical or hormone being altered. For example, in cases of hormone replacement therapy, a hormone spike could cause your liver to work overtime, trying to block the suddenly high hormone level, rendering the treatment moot. Currently, troches are offered as an ED treatment in Las Vegas.

Affordable Medication

It’s good to know that there are various forms of medication to treat ED and other sexual disorders, but what about the issue of cost? Finding low cost erectile dysfunction in Las Vegas, NV can be stressful, especially for those who are dealing with a chronic condition and must take medicine regularly. According to a 2015 publication in the International Journal of Pharmaceutical Compounding, troches could be the answer. They write; “Compounded testosterone troches easily raise serum testosterone levels to the optimal range, are highly cost effective at $82 for a 180-day supply, and provide affordable access to testosterone replacement therapy to millions of men requesting it.”

For a single brand name sildenafil tablet, as an example of comparison, the cost is just under $70. This means for only 30-days of treatment, it would be hundreds of dollars, if not more.

Convenience for Picky Patients

Sometimes, troches work better than standard types of medication not only because they make more sense for health reasons, but because they are simply more convenient. Since the most common patients for troche use are young children and geriatric patients, there is the added benefit of being able to choose and alter the flavor of the lozenge. Many young and elderly patients refuse to take their medication and enhancing the troche with a favorite flavor could encourage regular dosage.

A troche is also convenient for those on the run, as it can be taken anywhere and at anytime without the need of water to wash it down. As a lozenge is often used as a method of curing a sore throat during cold season, it’s rare that somebody might ask you what you’re taking a troche for. This increases a sense of privacy and comfort when it comes to taking your medication in public, where a bottle of pills might draw attention and questions from friends and colleagues.

Customizable Formulas

Troche’s are often created through compound pharmacies, which means that the combination of ingredients can be tailored to suit the needs of those taking them. For example, a visit to a sexual health clinic in Las Vegas might lead to a prescription for sildenafil. Rather than taking the big brand or generically crafted pill which may contain added ingredients or a slightly off dosage, a troche can be made using only the exact amount of medicine required.

Troches can also be customized in taste, by mixing the medication with a favorite flavor. As mentioned above, this flavor customization can increase the chances of a picky patient taking his or her medicine.

Troches aren’t available through every pharmacy, and usually require a prescription, unless it’s for an over the counter lozenge. If you’re curious about the use of troches over pills and tablets, speak to your physician about the possibilities of switching your medication method, or whether troches would be an acceptable form of treatment for your condition.